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Finders Keepers Village opened its doors in May 1999. It is unique in that it is a village within a store. When first entering Finders Keepers, most customers exclaim, “WOW! This place is incredible!” Our philosophy is that our customers’ should receive quality service, be visually entertained, and thoroughly enjoy shopping in a relaxed and fun environment.

Not only is our store incredible in design and look, but we also have incredible crafters. Many have published their own craft designs through major publishers. With over 200 vendors on display at Finders Keepers Village and combined with our own store decorator’s talent, walking through our doors creates an overall awesome impression.

We operate the largest craft, antique, gift and home décor store in Licking County and the surrounding areas. “The Village” offers such a mixture of gifts and crafts. The variety will astound you. There’s everything from Primitives to Collectables; Linens to Furniture and Accents, and so much more. Just as important, our products are reasonably priced. No wonder our average customer shops for over 2 hours. As a matter of fact, customers travel from all over central Ohio (and then some) to shop in our store.

If you enjoy browsing through gift shops, antique stores and finding the unusual – then “Finders Keepers Village” is a real treat. Finders Keepers Village offers something for everyone. It’s like a mini-vacation for the mind. The added pleasure is that no one hassles you as you wander among the displays.

In this day and age of frenetic activity, it’s hard to find time
to simply relax. At Finders Keepers Village, you’ll hear soothing “back to nature” sounds and catch whiffs of scented candles, potpourri and herbs. Strolling through the store is like a visit to the past – to a kinder, gentler time. It’s a “Village” within a store complete with houses and store fronts.

We provide:
• excellent customer service
• unique and quality crafts and products at reasonable prices
• a very friendly and helpful sales staff
• an ever-changing and exciting shopping environment
• an atmosphere where people linger

That’s why our customers say,

“WOW! This place is incredible!”


Finders Keepers Village · Park Plaza Center · 789 Hebron Road (SR 79)
Heath, Ohio 43056 ·
Local: 740-522-3233 · Toll free: 800-843-9301
Fax: 740-522-3477
Store Hours: Monday through Saturday 10-6
Sunday 12-5

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